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Question about your program?  Check out the FAQ’s Section included with your program first.

Tech trouble?  Check out the troubleshooting tips below before filling out the contact form

If you still need help fill out the form or email me at [email protected]

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Try these tips to access your program(s)


Are you using the Google Chrome as your browser?  

  • If not, start using Google Chrome to login – it’s the #1 best, most secure and recommended browser for a reason.
  • Safari and Internet explorer are least secure and cause a lot of issues.
  • Chrome take is free, fast, and takes less than a minute to install and use. 
  • For mobile devices you can download the Google Chrome browser free from the app store. 
  • For Computers download it here::

Already using Google Chrome and having issues? 

  • Try refreshing your screen. 
  • If it still doesn’t work, clear cache and cookies (aka History & Browsing Data) from your computer or mobile device. 
  • Not sure how?  Google “how to clear cache” and “your device type” (computer/phone’s make/model) to get instructions. 
  • For iPhones::  Go Settings > Browser’s name (safari, Chrome, etc.) > Click ‘Clear History and Website Data’ – That’s it!


Use Google Chrome.  Refresh your screen and/or try clearing cache and cookies.  (see above for more info)

Still can’t login?

  • Is the captcha appearing (math equation) on the login form?  Depending on what browser and internet/wifi connection strength it can take a second or two (or more) to pop up.  Use Google Chrome because it’s the fastest browser.  Wait for the captcha to appear and fill it out to login.

  • Your username is the email address used to purchase your program.  Are you entering the same email address used to order the program?

  • Are you spelling your email address and password correctly?  This happens all the time, especially on mobile devices.

  • Did you share your login details?  If so, your IP may have been blocked.  Contact me so I can investigate further.

  • If you still can’t login – Reset your password using the same email address from your purchase receipt.  Check spam if you don’t see the password reset email within 5 minutes.


  1. Are you using Google Chrome?
  2. Did you check your spam and promotional folders?  Sometime the password reset emails end up there.
  3. Did you spell your email address properly?

If you still don’t see your password reset email, please email at [email protected] ASAP.